Fantasy Tennis 2017 Grand Slam Picks – Women

OK, here are my predictions for the 2017 Grand Slam winners on the women’s side:

  • Aussie Open – Serena Williams
  • French Open – Serena Williams
  • Wimbledon – Serena Williams
  • US Open – Serena Williams

Well, it may not go just like that, but I have no doubt that Serena will win Grand Slam #23 and pass Steffi Graf’s record at some point this year. And if I had to guess, it will be at Wimbledon…and then maybe the US Open. NO DOUBT!! And wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if she won all four at her age!

In other news, I really think we are going to see a breakout year from Karolina Pliskova. By the end of last year, her playing was on point and she could certainly be a Grand Slam contender. With the help of Darren Cahill in her coaching box, I predict Simona Halep to get to at least two finals this year. And last but not least, let’s hearing it for our American players. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Madison Keys get to a final? Go Madison!  USA! USA!!



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