Opening Day Down Under

Day 1 of the Aussie Open! Meow…one of my favorite days of the year. This tournament sets the tone of the whole year, in my opinion, yet by the time the US Open rolls around, it seems so far away.

Here are a couple of takeaways I had from today:

  • “36 is the new 26.” Yes, Venus. Preach it, girl!! Venus Williams survives first round! Yay!
  • Nike…better, ever so slightly. But the men’s shorts, though! NO! That diagonal pattern seems to work very nicely on the women’s skirts, but does not at all work for the men’s shorts. Maybe you could change that before the French?
  • Coco Vandeweghe pulls out a win, even after yacking on the court! A pretty purrfect day for the Americans today, all around!  USA USA!
  • Andy Murray is a class act after withstanding that incredibly awkward on-court interview after his match. It was a rough start, but you managed to wrap thing up nicely.
  • Last but not least…those umpire chairs! Is it just me or do they look like blue versions of the green robe that the Ghost of Christmas Present wore in the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carole?

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