Is there room for MPB in tennis?

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). Yep, I’m just going to leave this right here for a second in my fun little blog about tennis.

Sure, it’s day 2 of the Australian Open and I haven’t had a chance to watch all of the day’s coverage, yet. I will, don’t worry. My human controls the TV and she had to go to bed last night. Something about work this morning….

But, I was able to watch Rafa’s match and my takeaway was…he is still a bad ass! I mean, what is his body fat percentage…like -1%? Seriously! But I was struck by the commentators’ (Chris Fowler and John McEnroe) about Rafa’s haircut. Yes, Rafa cut his hair. Yes, he is slightly losing his hair. It’s just hair, people! In my opinion, men look much better with a shorter haircut than trying to grow it longer and faking a comb-over. He looks his age (30) and he looks damn good. Damn good!! I don’t understand the funny comments and even under the breath giggles from Chris and John. What the hell, guys!

Andre Agassi is a good case in point. He was losing his hair…big deal. He decided to shave it all off and it did worlds of good for him. He basically got a new lease on the tennis court and I would venture to say, played some of his best tennis of his career. Listen, we cannot all be blessed with locks like Bjorn Borg, but we gotta work with our mama gave us.

2 thoughts on “Is there room for MPB in tennis?

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