Roger’s Future?

Well, it is evident from last night’s match between Roger Federer and Noah Ruben that his days are numbered. I mean, I love him as much as the next cat, but if he plans on making any sort of news-worthy run this year, he is going to have to step up his game.

Sure, he beat the guy almost half his age in three sets. Yay! But that third set though. You could see it is his eye maybe around the “down 4-2” when he was like “I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this go to a fourth set. Hell no!” That’s when he started pelting a couple of aces (I don’t know how many, and my human wasn’t counting either). But he managed to get the job done, and he is off to the next round.

I will give Noah some props, though. It was cute when he would make a cool shot against Roger. The look of utter  disbelief on his face…kind of like “Holy cow, I can’t even believe I was able to pull that off!” And then when he was waving his arms up to the crowd after he won one game. “Come on, guys. Give me some of that Roger love.” But is was not meant to be.

Roger plays Tomas Berdych next, and I predict it will go to a fourth set with Roger eventually pulling off the win. But to be honest, I am mostly looking forward to seeing his new coach, Goran Ivanisevic, in the box! I don’t know what happened between 2001 (when he won Wimbledon) and now, but Lord, that man is a real looker! My human will certainly be paying close attention to that match.

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