Reigning in a New Era?

All right, I’ll admit it. I’m still a little stunned by Novak Djokovic‘s loss last night against Denis Istomin (who???). I knew he wouldn’t make it to the finals, but to be taken out in the second round by some practical, no-name…or if he’s been around, I certainly have never heard of him. I just don’t understand. And Roger…he’ll be lucky to make it to week two, the way he is playing. And Rafa…he’s got another good year, maybe.

But maybe it’s time and I just wasn’t prepared. The tides are changing, the winds shifting, the pages are being turned….my pillow has been flipped to the cool side! It’ll be fine. My human and I have survived this before…first when Sampras retired (my human cried buckets), then when Agassi made that eloquent speech at his last match (again with the water works!). So, this is nothing new. But if there is going to be a changing of the guards, please let there be some interesting leaders that I want to follow!

Stan Wawrinka is going to take the lead on this, even though he is part of the old crew. He’s got it. He’s strong, confident, has a good looking coach! Don’t think I don’t notice these things.

Nick Kyrgois…man, the entire tennis community is begging you to get yourself together. Get a coach (maybe Agassi?), surround yourself with a good team (Agassi could recruit Gil Reyes to help?), start fostering your talent instead of blowing it at the big moments. Please!

Alexander Zverev…yep you, young man. I see very good things in your future.

Milos Raonic…you got this! Just relax, dude.

Who else am I missing? Well, it’s time to have our eyes and ears up for the next wave of tennis superstars. I just hope they are as great as The Greats.

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