Vintage Tennis in 2017?

Vintage tennis is alive and well at the 2017 Aussie Open. It is exciting, surprising, a bit baffling, but I am totally loving it!

We’ve got Roger, we’ve got Rafa! We’ve got Serena AND Venus!  Holy cow, I can’t even believe it! You would think it’s 10 years ago, 2007! Yeah, Roger was #1, Rafa was #2 back then. And here they are, all in their glorious 30’s, playing with skill, power, speed, desire…heart. You can see it with every point, every set, every victory. It is palpable.

Yes, I know…I got it wrong earlier last week when I said Roger was on his way out. I’m calling that match a slight hiccup now because since then, he has been on point! I do think he will get it handed to him when he plays Stan Wawrinka next. Yep, I predict Stan the Man will win the whole damn thing.

And Rafa! Whaaat? I mean look at the guy. Sometimes my human and I hit pause on the TV and do just that…look–at–him. Ahhh, Rafa! If I didn’t know any better, I would think my human has a slight crush. And he’s so strong and hits his shots with such precision. And just when you hold your breath and doubt every single slice backhand he hits, the slice lands exactly where it’s supposed to and Rafa wins the point. Damn!

Venus! Possibly my favorite women’s player on the tour is killin’ it! She’s got CoCo CoCo Vandeweghe next, and I predict CoCo is going to win that match quickly and precisely. But still, it’s Venus and she is a bad ass!

Serena…yep, I predicted she will win every major this year, so I’m not at all surprised that we see her at the stage.I predict she takes down Konta in three sets.

So sure, let’s step back in time to ten years ago and enjoy this vintage tennis that is the Aussie Open 2017. Wait, hold up. I wasn’t here ten years ago, so that’s no good. I guess I’ll just settle for the here and now, where “the greats” are still GREAT!

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