Intro to the Sunday Slice

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a section of my blog called “The Sunday Slice.” As I was planning out the purpose of my blog, I knew that I didn’t want to feel the pressure of writing something every day, but I knew I wanted to be consistent in my postings and keep everyone up to date on my thoughts about my favorite topic…tennis! That’s why I created The Sunday Slice. You can check in here every week to see what keeps my up at night. Who am I kidding, I sleep 23 hours a day! But what am I dreaming about during all of my cat naps? Here is a random thought I had this week…

I’m still on that silly little acronym GOAT. I know I should get over it. It’s a thing, you know, GOAT (Greatest of All Time)…it’s even in the Urban Dictionary. Ugh! But I just can’t let it go. Once I get my mind on something, it stays..until I’m bored with it and then I go take a nap. It’s like when my human gets out my favorite toy, it’s all I think about. Favorite toy, you ask? Ah yes, a light blue sewing tape measure. Not the hard kind of tape measure my human uses when building things in the garage, but the soft kind she uses when sewing…or measuring her waistline (if I’m honest). She keeps it wrapped up in a perfect swirl, like a small blue cinnamon role. Yum..warm, gooey, decadent cinnamon rolls. Wait…back to the tape measure. Well, she likes to unroll it, dangle it above my head a little and let me jump for it. Then she pulls it up and it springs higher out of reach. Again and again. Then she lays it on the floor, wiggles it a bit and I leap for it. And just when I think I got it, she snaps it back, dragging it further out of reach. Sneaky. We can go at this for hours for I am a fierce hunter!! SO MUCH FUN! OK, maybe not hours, but really, nothing kills an afternoon like playing with my human and that tape measure.

I digress… GOAT. It has so many negative connotations. Scapegoat, got your goat, the Chicago Cubs’ curse of the billy goat. None of these are positive. Matter of fact, they are all quite negative. So why would it be a good idea for us the call the Greatest of anything in all the World a goat, for heaven’s sake?

OK, I think that’s off my chest. I’m going to try and let this go for now, but I swear, if this GOAT issue gets brought up at Wimbledon or something, (and trust me, it will be brought up when Rafael Nadal wins the French Open), there may just be a cat fight on our hands!


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