True Cat Confession #2 – Valentine’s Day Edition

Can you feel the love tonight? Or should I say, can you feel the “love-love” tonight? One of my favorite songs by my distant lion cousins over at The Lion King! Fun tennis trivia…why do they call the score of Zero, Love? It comes from the French word for egg, “oeuf”, because a zero has the shape of an egg. The English thought it sounded a lot like love, so it stuck. (Some wise tales say that two components are equal at the start of a match, hence “love-love”, but I’m not buying it.)

It’s Valentine’s Day and that got me thinking about love. My human loves me, this I know. One night we were chilling on the couch watching tennis like we do, and she reaches over to me, gives me a big hug, kisses my forehead and says “I love you.” Much to my chagrin, she did this five times in a row! This was not out of the ordinary of any other night…she does this to me all the time. But it got me thinking…how often do I hear “I love you” in a single day? And how about other signs of affection?

As I recently confessed, I love numbers, data, research! So I decided to count how many times a day my human expresses her love to me. This will be hard because she may become aware that I’m doing this, so I must be careful and catch her off guard. I’m a fierce hunter, so I will be super sly. I decided to collect this data over a weekend. Two days, Saturday and Sunday and then average the two. Here are my results:

“I love you” – 23 times/day

“Look at your little face” – 17 times/day

Kisses on my forehead – 26 times/day

“You’re so beautiful” – 13 times/day

I’m a pretty lucky cat, don’t you think? Here’s wishing all of my tennis loving friends a day full of love and affection from this fluffy little fur ball! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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