Soapbox Instead of a Cloud

The Memphis Open was this week, and the Americans really took a shine. You would think I would be thrilled….on cloud 9, really. But I’m annoyed. And instead of floating on a cloud, I’ve climbed up on my soapbox. Here are the top three things that annoyed the fur off of me this week.

The Isner bias – while watching Donald Young beat John Isner in not one, but two tiebreaks during the quarterfinal match on Friday, all the announcers could do was talk about Isner! Young was the better player that night, coming up with some pretty remarkable shots, and instead of praising him, they were talking about John’s efforts. Even the tournament director slipped and said everyone was rooting for John. Come on, guys! You’re going to have to get over it! John is NEVER good in tiebreaks. I wish his coach would work with him on closing out matches. The outcome should never have to the come down to a tiebreak every single time!

The ladies in Champagne Row – there was a group of cougars (my relatives giving us cats a bad name) sitting in Mumm Napa’s Champagne Row, right behind John Isner’s chair Friday night. Every time the camera shot to them, they were oggling Isner as if he was a La Bare dancer. I don’t know how much those seats costs, but this is Champagne Row, NOT the Champagne Room, ladies!

Cell phones on the court – I get it, it’s an instant gratification, digital world that we live in. But the minute Ryan Harrison won his semi-final match against Donald Young last night, the first thing he does at his chair is pull out his cell phone. Why? What’s so pressing? Can’t it wait? I just think it’s rude. I might have to get over it because I see more and more players doing it. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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