Trophy Extravaganza!

samqFellow kitties and tennis lovers, there is a lot to meow about this week! I followed two tournaments this week, one in Acapulco and the other in Dubai. Now, ordinarily I would want to comment on the extraordinary tennis that was played, but just take a look at this photo above (photo credit goes to AFP reporting for Yahoo News)! You know I’m not going to let this slide by without expressing its total awesomeness!

First off, that’s Sam Querrey, an unseeded 29 year old American who has been playing professionally for a long while, but has very recently improved his game and has been making some noise on the tennis circuit. He played Rafa Nadal, second seed in the final (y’all know Rafa…I talk about him all the time). Sam fired off 19 aces to win in two sets 6-3, 7-6.

And look what he wins!! A sombrero and a silver pear-shaped trophy with a gold tennis ball on it! Dare I guess that’s a Bosc? Or maybe a Barlett? Doesn’t matter really because that is a freakin’ pear trophy. And that alone makes me so very happy!



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