True Cat Confession #3

I don’t think it is a deep hidden secret that I absolutely LOVE Venus Williams…you know, the older of the power duo, The Williams Sisters…you might have heard of her little sister, Serena. Venus is powerful, graceful, athletic, fun, and down right strategic when she takes the court. She is about to turn 37 years old and plans to play professionally well into her 40’s! Go girl!

A lesser known fact is the champion she has been off the court fighting for gender equality in sports and life in general. She was instrumental in women receiving equal prize money at Wimbledon (the last of the four majors to offer an equal purse) in 2007. And in my opinion, she is right up there in the bad-ass-ery department with Billie Jean King. And you know I love me some Billie Jean King! But for now, it is all about VENUS!

Here is an excellent article highlighting just a few of her accomplishments off the court, and the main reason I can’t get enough of her!

Venus William, The Role Model

3 thoughts on “True Cat Confession #3

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