Doublin’ Down at Indian Wells

I love watching doubles, don’t you? It’s fast paced, team-focused, entertaining, and frankly some of the coolest shots ever made happen during doubles matches. But for some strange reason, it is the outlier of most tournaments. But not this year at Indian Wells! We have tons of top players making a run in the men’s doubles and I couldn’t be more pleased. The stands are full of fans, the players are relaxed and having fun, and it is GOOD for tennis!

  • Andy Murray (1)/Daniel Evans
  • Novak Djokovic (2)/Victor Troicki
  • Stan Wawrinka (3)/Grigor Dimitrov
  • Rafa Nadal (6)/Bernie Tomic

Some of these doubles pairs make complete sense…except for Rafa/Bernie. I was watching them Friday night and all I could think is, it looks like mom made big brother take little brother to the cool party with him, and big brother was just like “stay cool and try not to embarrass me.” Rafa totally held that match together!

Little known fact…I too played doubles in my younger days. Yes, it’s true…I played tennis back in the day. My partner was Birdie Byrd (I can’t make this stuff up, guys!). Totally true, cat’s honor! We were fair, at best. We made our way around the local tennis circuit, winning a few matches here and there. We even reached district level one year. But, when one player is a bird who gets distracted any time they see a worm crawling around and the other player is a cat who enjoys chasing tennis balls until they are completely over it, and then just lays on the court to take a cat nap in the sun…that’s no recipe for success. Don’t worry, Birdie Byrd and I are still very good friends. We just are no longer doubles partners.

Indian Wells is just getting under way, so sit back and let’s enjoy a great week for tennis!


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