Rain, Rain, Go Away

Much of the Miami Open this week has been disrupted by rain. And rain just makes us all a little crankier, right? So my notes this week have been laden with my crankiness. Here are a couple of things making me cranky this week.

  1. Smashing of racquets! Honestly players….do you know how ridiculous you look having a baby’s temper tantrum in  the middle of a game? I’m not going to call you out, but you know who you are. Taking your frustrations out with one smack of the racquet on court…fine. But when you bang your racquet, pause to look at it to see if it broke and look around the stands to make sure everyone is watching, then continue to smash it until it’s mangled in many bits…that’s just stupid. You’re doing it for attention, and not the good kind. It’s like saying “hey guys, look at me! I’m not winning so I’m going to throw a fit.” If you truly say the tennis court is your “office”, then please act professionally.
  2. Nike with those green outfits! Yikes! You’re killin’ me, smalls. You’re the biggest brand in all of sports! You can do better than this, no? When everything is green at the Miami Open…the court, the sponsor banner, the stadium seats, even the occasional iguana that shows up court side are GREEN, you gotta do better than those green uniforms. You have to think of this like a red carpet event. When a celebrity is picking her dress for an awards show, the first thing she thinks is “how will this look on the red carpet?” not “I wonder what will go best with St. Patrick’s Day?”

Here is a fun video (courtesy of the New York Post) of the crazy iguana who crashed the Tommy Haas/Jiri Vesely match this week. Note, neither Haas or Vesely are sponsored by Nike and look great on the court!

Iguana Runs Amok

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. Hope your week is filled with catnaps and head bunts!


7 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. I saw that iguana, super crazy xD Yeah, what was with those outfits?! it was like watching Sock and Donaldson play themselves, because they were both wearing the exact same ugly green outfit during their match LOL


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