Slip Sliding Away (and a bonus poem!)

Furry and fluffy friends, it is clay court season and you know what that means! Time to get dirty! Slipping, sliding, and sometimes splitting your way into winning a point, game, set and match. Very physical and fun tennis to watch!

To commemorate the opening of clay court season, I wrote a poem:

Ode to Clay

Red clay, green clay

No matter, we all play!

Dirty, dusty

Sure looks rusty.

Slippin’, slidin’

Splittin’, divin’.

Hold on tight

Cross-court glidin’!

Yay clay!

Not familiar with tennis on clay? Watch this video of a young Rafa Nadal (King of Mud…back when entered the scene with long hair, sleeveless shirts and ridiculous knee-length knickers) expertly execute a lonnnggg slide on clay. (Cue to 0:40 for the fun to begin)



9 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away (and a bonus poem!)

  1. Tennis Dude in NYC.

    Oh, Frazier, who knew your were a poet, too? Keep them coming.
    I might have to disagree with you about Nadal’s long shorts from back in the day. I thought they were cool and I have a couple of pairs myself.

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