Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

Oh guys, I didn’t get to watch too much of the Barcelona Open this week, but I was able to catch the super-quick championship final between Rafa Nadal and Dominic Thiem.

First off, I don’t follow too much of Dominic Thiem. He recently starting wearing a silly headband like the villain in The Karate Kid. You know the one…who was instructed to “Sweep the leg, Johnny.”  Frankly, I should very much have this kid on my radar…he’s ranked 9th in the ATP. Not too shabby.

Being the sweet kitty that I am and always wanting to cheer for the under cat, I was all in for Dominic Thiem today.

However, as often as I yelled at the TV, “Sweep the leg, Dominic! Sweep the leg!” There was no sweeping or dusting or mopping, except for Rafa sweeping up points, blowing up dust, and mopping Dominic’s pride all over the tennis court! They were head to head in the first set up until it was 4-4, then the light went dim and Dominic was not returning his shots. After that, it was all Rafa, all the time. 6-4, 6-1. Lights out!

A couple of take-away’s from today’s match.

  • Who ever said there is no “I” in “Thiem?” Wrong, all wrong!
  • No matter how many times Rafa wins, his dad always gets emotional.
  • Who was that cute little girl in Thiem’s player’s box? I couldn’t find anything online. I’m going to say it was his niece sitting next to his sister? She was super cute cheering for him.
  • Wonder what drives players’ decision whether or not to shave before a final? I would think this is a pretty important day, I would probably shave. But nope, I am usually wrong.

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