Nike Is Out To Get Me!

I’m positive of this! Nike is out to get me and every other lover of tennis.

First, let’s start with the outfits for the Australian Open. Those shorts with the crazy, asymmetric stripes and the unfortunate placement of a piano keyboard down the front? And the ridiculous neon orange shoes and socks? No!

image from

Then we moved over to the States for some hard court action where we saw tons of greens of contrasting colors. Here we have Juan Martin Del Potro in a lovely green number. Lime green shorts with that same psychedelic striped pattern with a bright  green shirt against a forest green backdrop. Oh my!

image from

And now it’s clay court season. Players will be on red clay so what does Nike put them in? Fuchsia and orange of course! Just the slightest of contrast to drive the viewer crazy! Here is Rafa trying to blend in to the red clay. (Impossible, I know!)

image from

Nike, listen. You are the biggest sports equipment and apparel company in the world. You have people…talented people. Designers, if you will. Use them and don’t let them get away with this. You’re better than this.

I look forward to seeing how you screw up the “all-white” requirements of Wimbledon.


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