Madrid, Here I Come!

It was a typical lazy Sunday…laundry, a little catching up on the Tennis Channel, an extra nap or two. You know the normal stuff cats like me do. Usually I like to just lay in the basket on top of the warm, freshly dried towels, but today my human wasn’t haven’t it. She shoo’ed me right out of there so I had to move over to my corner of the couch for a quick cat nap. But then, someone on the TV made me sit right up….Fernando Verdasco! He caught me attention immediately, obviously. If you recall, he is #7 of my top 10 list. Frazier’s Top Ten!

I digress…anyway, the Tennis Channel has a segment called Destination Tennis, and today’s story was about restaurants around Madrid that are owned by Verdasco’s family. I took away a couple of fun observations from this piece:

  1. The dad really makes it sound like “if this tennis thing doesn’t work out, at least I will teach my son the family business.” I think that’s really sweet.
  2. The food looks amazing!
  3. I want to have the Stew of Madrid then take an afternoon siesta, just as Fernando suggested. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.

If nothing else, this story made me want to get out my passport and book a flight to Madrid! I’ve never been to Spain and this city looks amazing! Let’s go!

Take a minute to check out the Tennis Channel’s Destination Tennis feature “Verdasco Family Restaurant: La Rayua Gran Via, Madrid.”

Verdasco Family Restaurant

(I do not own any rights to this webpage or video)

Hope you enjoy! Until next time…



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