No Legs Were Swept in the Writing of This Blog

If you would have asked me this morning, “Frazier, what are you going to write about for the Sunday Slice today?” I would have easily answered, “I’ve got some great topics for this week’s post.”

  • Mary Kay (the cosmetics company based out of Dallas, Texas) is a sponsor for the Madrid Open.
  • They have these super cool triple scoop tennis ball ice creams/snowmen on either side of the umpire’s chair.
  • The ball girls were wearing ridiculous cheer uniforms blatantly advertising the new Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • They had an artist court side, rendering sketches of the two players…in real time…to be auctioned off for charity!

But…after watching the final of the Madrid Open, my whole focus switched. It was a rematch from a couple of weeks ago. “Sweep the Leg” Dominic Thiem vs. super-human Rafa Nadal. From the start, I got the sense that this may be a turning point in Thiem’s game. He broke Nadal early on to get a 3-1 lead. He took the first set to a tiebreak and I thought surely Dominic was going to “sweep the leg” and win this first set. He did everything he could, but it was as if Nadal had Mr. Miagi whisper in his ear “use the Crane, Danielson.”

Image from

Nadal assumed the Crane position and systematically kicked Dominic Thiem straight to the face (of his racquet) winning the first set 7-6 (8), and then the second set 6-4.

Rafa continues his dominance on the red clay with two weeks left until the French Open. Up next….Rome!


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