Happy Birthday, Rafa!

Rafa Nadal turns 31 years old today! Feliz cumpleaños, my friend!

Yes, his birthday always aligns with the French Open! Purrfectly fitting since he has won 9 French Open titles already and is currently on track to win his 10th next week!

And even with guns like that, it was amusing to see him struggle with opening a gift from the Tennis Channel. Let me set the scene…

Rafa graciously agrees to come in to the TC’s Lacoste lounge to do an interview (on his birthday, no less, smh). They chat with him about his dominance during this French Open when he humbly says “I don’t know if I’m the favorite or not.” Umm, OK Rafa, whatever. Then the President of the TC comes over and hands him a box wrapped in bright blue paper tied up with thin curly ribbon. You know the kind of ribbon…the kind where when you pull it to try and break it, it only gets thinner and tighter and so you eventually just reach for the scissors and cut it loose. I saw this and I thought for sure Rafa is going to be able to snap that apart in one swift pull. Nope, Rafa is human! He couldn’t break it and simply slid it aside without breaking a sweat. Inside, a fancy fishing reel! He proclaims “I’m going to catch a big one and send a picture.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFA! Enjoy your day off and good cat wishes to you for the rest of the tournament!


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