Torn Between Two Lovers

Remember that song from the 70’s “Torn Between Two Lovers” by Mary MacGregor? You know…

Torn between two lovers

Feeling like a fool

Loving you both

Is breaking all the rules

Well, that’s how I felt watching the Rafa Nadal/Dominic “Sweep the Leg” Thiem semi-final match today. You’ve got Rafa dominating this clay court season; clearly the favorite. Then you have Dominic Thiem, the underdog for sure. But he just beat the defending champ, Novak Djokovic, in the QF, and he’s the only player who has beaten Rafa this clay court season. So there is always a chance for an upset.

Alas my friends, it was not meant to be. As I settled in on the sofa next to my human, I was trying to be a dignified tennis cat. Sitting politely, grooming myself, paying attention, trying to enjoy the match. But next to me sat my human and all I could hear was a stream of “Oh noooo, Oh Lord, damn, Lordie be, oh for goodness sake.” And then it got quieter with a lot of non-verbals, murmurs of “uhhh”, some head shaking, and finally face palms.

And this is how my human sat and watched Dominic Thiem get slaughtered by the King of Clay, Rafa Nadal. 6-3, 6-4, 6-0

There is a song by Patty Griffin called “When It Don’t Come Easy.” This has got to be Thiem’s theme song when he plays Nadal.

When It Don’t Come Easy

Sorry Dominic, but today was just not your day, and even though I’m thrilled for Nadal, and I still really sad for you. See you on the grass courts…


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