What To Do About Rafa?

I can only imagine those were the thoughts of Stan Wawrinka as he stood across the net from the 9 time French Open champ, Rafa Nadal. Nadal…who has played an absolute flawless clay court season this year, who was going for a record breaking 10th French Open title today. Rafa already broke his own records this year by winning his 10th title in Monte Carlo and his 10th title in Barcelona. His record on clay goes on and on.

And it’s not like Stan Wawrinka is some snuffleupagus. Even though he is often considered the under cat, he has won three majors, one of those being the French Open in 2015. He’s built like a brick house and has the best one handed backhand on tour. But he had no answers against Rafa today. It wouldn’t have mattered who Rafa played today, he would have made them look like a wobbly slinky, stuck in the mud with no one to give him a push down the stairs.

Stan won a mere 6 games out of the entire match. Final score: 6-2, 6-3, 6-1. The only thing we can do now is look ahead…next week starts the grass court season. What….you don’t know about tennis on grass? Stay tuned for next Sunday’s Slice! I might even be moved to write more poetry!

Til then, kitties and friends…


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