Federer Aces Another Milestone

With all the hub-bub of the early retirements yesterday, I forgot to mention a pretty remarkable thing that happened! Roger Federer hit his 10,000th career ace!

Good job, Roger!!


Watch here: Federer Ace #10,000

He is only the third player to reach this achievement, so this is a pretty cool stat. And this happened moments before his opponent, Alexander Dolgopolov, retired. So at least the ticket holders on Centre Court got to see history be made!

Speaking of the outrage I expressed about the number of retirements in yesterday’s post, I got my fact wrong. I’m not always purrfect. So, I have to make a correction. I said that the paycheck for a player to attempt a first round match was $35,000. That amount is wrong…it’s actually ~$45,000. I think Dolgopolov, Tomic, Kyrgios, and a couple of others made out real good at Wimbledon this year. Good job, guys. (not)

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