Yosemite Sam Does It Again

Today’s Wimbledon consisted of the men’s quarterfinals, and we had some purrfect match-ups.

Marin Cilic vs Gilles Muller

Andy Murray vs Sam Querrey

Roger Federer vs Milos Roanic

Novak Djokovic vs Thomas Berdych

Notice that this is three out of the “big four.” Who’s missing? Rafa Nadal. 😦 He was knocked out yesterday in a five set battle against Gilles Muller. HUGE upset yesterday.

But there’s good news, folks! Lone American, Sam Querrey, Yosemite Sam, play-it-again Sam, played it again! Last year, he knocked out, then #1, Novak Djokovic, in the third round. This year, he put the hurt on Andy Murray, current #1, to win this quarterfinal match! Something about Centre Court brings out his best tennis. This will be Sam’s first Wimbledon semifinal match on Friday. Good job Sam!

You can see more of Sam in a previous post of mine, Trophy Extravaganza.

Today also included a personal upset for me. Novak Djokovic retired after losing the first set to Thomas Berdych. You may recall the big hub bub earlier in the tournament about players retiring in the first round just to collect a paycheck. I feel like he pulled a fast one on us, and if I was Andre Agassi (yes, Agassi agreed to coach this guy), I would cut my losses and bid Novak farewell.

Tomorrow we have the women’s semifinals.

Garbine Mugaruza vs Magdelena Rybarikova

Johanna Konta vs Venus Williams

Obviously more attention will be placed on the Konta/Williams match. Konta is the hometown favorite, but Venus is the all-time favorite. Expect the crowd to be confused as to who to cheer for. Those matches are always interesting to watch. I will be meowing for Venus Williams, but you can pick your favorites and I won’t judge. (OK, I might judge a little). But in the end, at least enjoy!




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