Blow Out at Wimbledon’s Women’s Final

The table was set for a phenomenal Women’s Final today. Or as I like to think about it…my food and water, my best treats, and my favorite comb, were all waiting for me this morning at Wimbledon today. With Serena Williams out on maternity leave, that left things wide open for big sister, Venus, to step in and take the title. And why not? At 37 years old, she has been playing some of her best, flawless tennis this entire tournament. Unfortunately, so has her opponent, Spanish player, Garbine Muguruza.

I first noticed Garbine when she made it to the Wimbledon finals in 2015. Her opponent? Serena Williams! Nothing you can do when your playing Serena except pray that you don’t look too foolish on the court. Then she won the French Open in 2016. So I knew this would be no walk in the park for Venus.

Of course I was behind Venus the whole way. It’s no secret that she’s one of my favorite female players of all time! (Venus!) But you can’t will/pray/wish someone to win a Major. They have to do it on their own, and Venus just didn’t have it today. She gave a convincing effort in the first set, but when Muguruza went up a break to win it 7-5, not was no turning back. Muguruza won the second set in a quick 22 minutes, 6-0. Bye, Venus!

Even in defeat, Venus Williams is gracious, classy, and displays all around sportsmanship! A true role model and winner in my book!

Notable Spanish presence at the Women’s Final: the King of Spain, Juan Carlos (yeah, the King of Spain came to watch Garbine play!), four time Grand Slam winner, Arahtxa Sanchez Vicario, who is almost unrecognizable with her blonde hair, but OK. And yes, I had to google her to make sure I spelled her name right. And of course, Conchita Martinez, former Wimbledon champ who is currently supporting Garbine in a coaching role.

Next grand slam is the US Open, and if there ever was a place Venus is more well-loved, it is the hallowed grounds of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center!




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