The Class of 2017

I need to go to Rhode Island one of the these days. New Port, Rhode Island, to be specific. See, that is where the International Tennis Hall of Fame is, and for any tennis fan, I think that is it is a bucket list trip! They inducted their Class of 2017 this weekend.

First of all, I must be behind the times because I didn’t realize Todd Martin was the CEO of the International Tennis Hall of Fame! No better ambassador for the sport I love than Todd Martin. Who’s Todd Martin, you ask? Just one the great American tennis players who has had some memorable night matches at the US Open. He always played well at the Open. One night match in particular in 2000, against Carlos Moya, went to five sets and lasted well past 1am. I remember watching this match at home thinking “I have to get to New York to the Open so that I can witness tennis like this!” It was a few years later, but I finally made it there!

Class of 2017:

Andy Roddick – American men’s player, former world #1, US Open Champ, philanthropist

Kim Clijsters – Belgium women’s player, former world #1, winner of 4 Grand Slams, mother of three (one of the few women who were mothers when they won a Grand Slam)

Monique Kalkman-van den Bosch- Dutch women’s wheelchair player, Paralympic Gold medalist participating in three Paralympics (Seoul, Barcelona, and Atlanta)

Steve Flink – American tennis journalist, author and historian, still contributes to the Tennis Channel

Vic Braden – American tennis instructor, researcher and broadcaster

This is obviously a broad-strokes description of everyone, but I encourage you to read more about them here Tennis Hall of Fame. Especially if you have never seen wheelchair tennis, it is totally impressive! You will be hooked! It is unfortunate that it does not get any TV airtime…but maybe that’s a topic for another blog.

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