Happy Anniversary

Today is a very special day. It is my 9th anniversary!

Nine years ago on this day, my human and her best friend decided she needed a cat. So, they drove out to the animal shelter to see if there were any furry friends that would make a nice companion for her. Little did we all know, the animal shelter did not open on that Saturday. There were people in the parking lot waiting for it to open…like the sweet old farmer lady who brought me with six of my brothers and sisters because she couldn’t possible care for all of us (she already had four cats at her farm). And people like my human, who were looking to adopt a fluffy and furry companion (like me).

frazier                   This is me the first night at my new home! Thanks MOM!

I was in a crate in the back of a pickup with my brothers and sisters when my human walked up to the truck. I would like to say it was love at first sight, but it wasn’t really. I was shy so hung out in the back while my siblings tried to get her attention. But she is a bit shy too and saw me hiding in the back. We both knew right then and there we were a match. It could have been my beautiful black spots, or it could have been my green and blue eyes, but she picked me out of all the others! It was a good day and I feel like the  luckiest cat around.

play Here I am stretching out like I own the place! (maybe I do!)

You may be surprised to find out that tennis was not my first love! Meow! It was Olympic gymnastics. I remember sitting with my human on the couch and looking at the TV seeing these amazing beings fly through the air doing flips and turns and tumbles! I’ve never seen anything like that out at the farm I was raised for my first four months. Gymnastics quickly turned into tennis when i realized the Olympics happen only once every four years.

What about you? Are celebrating an anniversary with your human soon? How did you meet? Was it destiny? I love a good love story.

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