Wake Me Up When Tennis Starts

I thought I would be OK. I really did. And I really am!

But when the tournament schedule was rearranged to make adjustments for the pandemic, I just didn’t realize how long I would have to wait for the Australian Open. I mean, yes, I can count…two weeks, four weeks, ten weeks, millennia!

And sure, they threw in the ATP Cup and a couple of WTA tournaments in for good measure, and that starts next week, so MEOW for that!

But there’s been some cat scratch fever around getting the players down under safely. Players being quarantined in hotel rooms with no practice time, players getting COVID (that’s no good and I wish everyone a healthy and speedy recovery). A lotta drama, if you ask me. And not the kind of drama I like!

Give me a “Wow Nike, I did NOT see that kit coming” or the anticipation of a young player making a big splash, like Sebastian Korda did a few weeks ago at Del Ray Beach. THIS is the drama I purr for!

So, until then…

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