Who’s Your Idol?

It’s summer down under and tennis is just getting underway. Lots of tennis!

Purrhaps my favorite summer surprise is this subtle nod to one of my favorite 80’s icon, Billy Idol!

When Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis arrived on court with a gold cross dangling from one ear and his slightly punk rock hair, it made my purrty little kitty heart let out a rebel roar!

Image: morrisonhotelgallery.com
Image: @TKokkinakis

Now please indulge me in an absolutely terrible Billy Idol-inspired tennis “poem”!

Who’s Your Idol?

On the court in Tokyo, and in London town for sho’,

With the player selection and the racquet reflection

I’ll be serving with myself.

I stare across the net

at your…

(Les yeux sans visage) your eyes without a face.

It’s a nice day to lob again

It’s a nice day for the Big Trophy!

In the midnight hour, I want more, more, more

With a rebel yell, I cry score, score, score!

Who’s my idol?

Money, Money!

You are VERY welcome, my furrfriends!

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