Fashion Fun on Day One

Remember when you were little and you would plan out your “first day of school” outfit? Well, apparently, this first grand slam of 2021 is no different! The players had fun with their fashionista choices and I was living for all of it!

Serena’s nod to Flo-Jo!

Serena Williams in action in the first-round of the Australian Open - Getty Images
Image: yahoo!sports

I, fur one, was totally loving this look. This is an outfit fit for a strong woman on a mission, and she ain’t skeerd of you! Yes, two paws up for this!

Fritz’s frosted tips!

Image: @taylorfritz

I’m a fan of Taylor Fritz! He’s the only American men that I follow right now. I’m not sure what made him frost his hair…in my cat dream, he is sitting in the salon with his mom while she is getting her hair dyed. The colorist says “Hey Taylor, I have some extra dye. You want to frost your tips?” And like a good son, he says, “I would love to.” I’m purrty sure that’s NOT how it happened, but a kitty can dream! You do you, Taylor! As long as you’re playing solid tennis!

Sleeveless Sascha?

Image: yahoo!sports

Let’s face it…Sascha is no Rafa! But here is my armchair therapist analysis of this tank…He has gone through some personal stuff this past year (that I am not condoning, just simply pointing out), and I think he is like “new year, new look”. I just wish it was a different color. The white is just too white and washes him out. Again…Alex, you do you, man! Paws up!

So, what do you think? Did I miss anyone? How did you feel about Naomi Osaka’s kit?

This year, I am going to embrace everyone’s fashion choices, no matter what! I think it’s great that these players are feeling their inner divas and expressing themselves to their fullest! After being cooped up last year, I say let’s have a little fun with fashion! Embrace our funky side and show the world tennis players can let loose!

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