The Adidas Identity Crisis

Adidas is having an identity crisis! It doesn’t know who it wants to be.

I’ve already declared that this year, I am going to be nice. That’s who I’m going to be! No crisis here.

With that being meowed, let’s get started.

Are you an outdoorsy hotdog? This mustard and brown combo? Great for a hike, maybe? Separately, I think the two colors would work, but together on court….hmmm!

Image: yahoo!sports

And then you’ve got the white tank on Zverev. You know there is a slang term for a men’s sleeveless white tank top and I just don’t think that’s the best thing for him to be wearing at the moment. But that’s a choice.

Image: yahoo!sports

And then you switch gears and totally knock it out of the part with Dominic Thiem’s shirt! I love this so much! The print is a map graphic of the Great Barrier Reef! One of the best I’ve seen in a while!


So who are you, Adidas? In these weird pandemic times, I guess we are all just trying to figure things out!

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