Revisiting 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Tennis furriends, I can’t believe it! The 2017 has officially come to a close. Now we wait until January 1, 2018 to see what the next season of drama has in store for us!

Since we are in between seasons, I thought this would be a pawsitively good time to revisit the new year’s resolutions I “wished” the players would make last year. This is a special post for me because it was my very first post I wrote for my blog back in January.

New Year’s Resolutions I Wish They Would Make

Let’s revisit, shall we…

Resolution #1:

Nick Kyrgios – I resolve to get my s*#@ together this year. I am way too awesome of a tennis talent to waste it on a poor attitude and weak effort. I mean, seriously….I could win a major this year if I put in the time.

Did he resolve this? – Nick definitely had some shining moments in 2017. He was the cat’s meow at the Laver Cup, but was plagued with injury much of the year. When a player is injured, it is hard to tell what kind of mind games they are playing. He seemed to be better than in 2016. Here’s hoping for a better 2018.

Resolution #2:

Jack Sock – I resolve to shave off my chin strap beard. It is weird and totally unnecessary. Think about how much better I would be if I spent more time practicing and less time trimming that thing.

Did he resolve this? – Unfortunately, no. He is still sporting that ridiculous chin strap beard, and managed to snag a girlfriend in the process. However, his game did greatly improve throughout the year and he ended the year ranked #8! I am still in Shock About Sock!

Resolution #3:

Milos Raonic – I resolve to relax and have fun. I’m talented and skilled on the court, and I finally got rid of that ridiculous compression sleeve. It’s time to loosen up and enjoy the game.

Did he resolve this? – Meoooow….it’s hard to tell. Milos was injured for most of the year. He really wasn’t even part of the 2017 narrative. A non-issue, if you will. Let’s see how he performs in 2018!

Resolution #4:

Nike – I resolve to change the color palette of the outfits I make the players wear. For the love of all things right in this world, I will…I promise. They’ve suffered enough.

Did they resolve this? – Yes and thank goodness! Good job Nike! Nike heard our pleas and saw our bleeding eyes and by the end of the year was producing some very nice tennis outfits! Adidas on the other hand…I’ve got my paw on you!

Resolution #5:

John Isner – I resolve to learn how to close out sets earlier and more efficiently. There is no reason to have to go to a tie break every single freaking match. Haven’t I learned from my Wimbledon experience? (and many other matches, for that matter)

Did he resolve this? Ummm…..nope!

Resolution #6:

Andre Agassi – I resolve to become a commentator for ESPN. (Pleeeeaassse) John McEnroe, we all love you, you know we do. But it’s time to scoot over and let the rest of us have a shot. My fans want to know what I have to say.

Did he resolve this? – Sadly, no! He did, however, sign on as a coach for a drifting Novak Djokovic. Novak has truly slid right off the tennis conscience this year, so it will be interesting to see if Agassi can pump some life into him. The jury is out…

So, good job Jack Sock and Nike! Nick Kyrios, you get an honorable mention for having a decent year. The rest of you…luckily we can always look to the new year for improvements.

Now that was a nice little cat walk down memory lane.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Frazier’s Racket

It’s that time of year here in the states…Thanksgiving! The one day a year when we gather with our furry four legged and not-so-furry two legged friends and family, eat lots  of turkey, casseroles and pies, and celebrate what we are thankful for!

Here are a few things I am thankful for this year:

1. I am thankful my human helped me start this tennis blog. I’ve been watching tennis my whole life, and now I can write about it too!

2. I am thankful that my human doesn’t let me get near the turkey, but she will let me have a taste!

3. I am thankful for the tennis greats, Rafa and Roger, who brought vintage tennis into this year’s story lines.


4. I am thankful for some new, exciting players like Denis Shapovalov, coming up in the ranks and making tennis unpredictable.

5. I am thankful for my followers who read and comment on my blog each week. When I started this in January, I didn’t know how this would evolve, but I have some amazing followers!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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There IS Crying In Tennis

If you have learned anything from reading my blog this past year, it has to be that I love a good cry! Tears of sorrow…not so much, but tears of joy are my favorite!

This past week was the ATP Men’s Finals in London, England. Only the top 8 players get invited to this tournament to compete in the final tournament of the year. It is a week-long tennis showcase of the best-of-the-best, and this year was set up to be the same. But there was a twist! Rafa Nadal retired and Roger got beat, so this left two unsuspecting finalists, David Goffin and Grigor Dimitrov. And with these unexpected finalists, comes unexpected moments!

Unexpected moment for David Goffin: David Goffin beats Rafa Nadal AND Roger Federer in the same tournament! That is a rare feat itself. Given Goffin’s freak-accident ankle injury that happened at the French Open that kept him in rehab for most of the year, this was incredible! The tears in his eyes after he beat Roger in the semifinals tells the story of how important that moment was to him.

Unexpected moment for Grigor Dimitrov: He wins the tournament! The moment Goffin approaches the net for a slice backhand volley but dumps the ball into the net, Dimitrov descends, face down on the court, in relief. He rests his head in his arm and cries a bit before getting up and shaking hands with Goffin at the net. It was truly a beautiful moment. You could see the years of hard work, perseverance, and determination all culminate in this one winning moment. After he shakes hands with Goffin and the chair umpire, he immediately makes a beeline to his players box where he is greeted by his mother’s outstretched arms to congratulate him. Again two people crying in each other’s arms. No one knows more than a parent, how much sacrifice has been made for this moment to happen. It was truly lovely.

Enjoy this highlight reel from the Finals!

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Tennis Is Art

All eyes are on London this week where the top 8 men’s players are competing at the Nitto ATP Finals. Rafa Nadal finished the year as world #1, however, he withdrew from the tournament Monday due to an ongoing knee injury. In comes first alternate, Pablo Carreno Busta!

Tonight’s match between Dominic Thiem and Pablo Carreno Busta was like watching Jackson Pollock create a masterpiece. It had all of the elements of Pollock’s abstract expressionistic style: chaos, power, unpredictability.

Chaos: For Pablo Carreno Busta, the occasion was huge and you could tell when you watched him step out on court. He was smiling, taking in the crowd, waving at the fans and enjoying the cheers. It was really a sweet moment. But his nerves got the best of him and he lost the first set 3-6.

Power: The amount of spin Dominic Thiem puts on his strokes plus the speed at which the ball travels makes it nearly impossible to play defensively against him, although Carreno Busta did a heck of a good job trying. He won the second set 6-3, and in the third set when they were tied 3-3, you could almost hear LL Cool J in Carreno Busta’s head singing “Don’t call it a comeback.”

Unpredictability: But alas, it was Dominic who was able to splash the last paint drop and win the match. The final score was 6-3, 3-6, 6-4.

Will there be more masterpieces created this week as we finish up the first round of matches and move into the finals? Stay tuned to find out.

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True Cat Confession #7 – Art!

Furriends, you may have noticed a slight absence from me these last couple of days. The reason for this is twofold: 1) we are at the end of the tennis season, so there hasn’t been too much to observe. But don’t worry, next week is the ATP Finals where the top 8 men play for the final title of the season. And 2) my human has been out doing something very, very foolish. Apparently, she thought it was be fun to run a half-marathon in the middle of the scary, hilly woods! Once she has fully recovered, she may want to share with me (and you) some of the details of that race.

But today, I bring to you another of my favorite topics…art! Yes, today we are discussing art!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that periodically my human babysits another fur baby named Pearl. Although Pearl and I don’t hang out much (she stays at her house and I stay at mine), I still think she is quite a sweet and beautiful kitty cat.

Here is Pearl chilling in her backyard. Isn’t she lovely?

Well, Pearl’s human is an artist. A very talented artist, if I must meow so myself. She works in watercolor, acrylics and oils and she just launched a website so the world can enjoy her work. Life Made Rooted

Her latest craze is using acrylics to create fluid painting. Here is an example of her work.

Although it would be nice to keep all of the beauties for herself, she has actually made them all for sale! So, you can enjoy one of these in your own home. Trust me, you will want one…I have three in my home already. They also make nice holiday gifts!

Anymeow, I hope you visit her site and enjoy some of her work. And, I’ll be back this weekend to talk about the ATP Finals which include a lot of my favorites…Rafa, Roger, Dominic, Jack Sock, Grigor Dimitrov, and others. Stay tuned…

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Happy Meow-loween!

Happy meow-loween from Frazier’s Racket! May you all have a safe and happy night of trick or treating.

To celebrate this spooky holiday, here are some mysterious pics of cats playing tennis!

“No, please!! Wait! I’m not ready!”


This guy is going to smash that tennis ball for a cross court winner!


“It was definitely out, but let me stalk my way over to the line for a closer look!”


This little guy know to keep her eye on the ball.


Um, I think you need a racquet to hit the ball.


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Thanks Nike!

Thanks Nike! Finally, after almost a year, Nike got it right! Yes, if you recall earlier this year, Nike was out to get me with their zebra print shorts and ill-colored outfits. Nike Is Out to Get Me But now as we are closing out the 2017 tennis season, look at this!

This is Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Porto sporting their Nike gear during the finals of the Swiss Indoors Basel Open yesterday. Sensible black shorts with a clean looking sports shirt with black trim and logo. Juan Martin in a soft baby blue, and Roger in a soft pink.

The blue and pink shirts are reminiscent of a gender reveal party, don’t you think? A what, you meow! You don’t know what a gender reveal party is? It’s a shindig that expecting couples throw for family and friends that “reveals” the sex of the baby, blue for boy and pink for girl! There are many ways to “reveal” this news. The color of a cake, balloons, onesies, gifts, etc.

For this elaborate “reveal” party, I was thinking the couple would just tell their friends and family to watch the Basel Open finals and the player who wins will reveal whether they are having a boy or a girl. A gamble? Sure. But Federer has been red hot this year (Or should I say PINK hot!) and this is his hometown tournament, so the likelihood he was going to win was high! Apparently, it’s a girl!

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