Dear Rafael,

I’m a fan! Honestly Rafael Nadal…HUGE fan! So much so, I gave you legit respect by using your full name….Rafael. I know that usually it’s Rafa, but for this fan letter, it is proper props for the “King of Clay” Rafael Nadal.

I will be honest, I was not always a fan. At the beginning of the Federer/Nadal era, I was on the Fed Express train all the way. I think it was your knee length knickers and sleeveless tops that turned me into a sad-cat. So unconventional, I just couldn’t reconcile myself to see past it. There is an ongoing debate in my house about this look. But for me, your current style is much better. Like really…so, so better! Meow!

When did I wake up from my nap and take notice of this “Rafa Nadal?” It was gradual, really. I was impressed with how you rehabbed through your injuries and your openness when talking about your progress. It’s as if you didn’t want to hide anything from anyone. Like you respected your fans enough to be honest with them. And you speak so softly, a complete juxtaposition of how you play. You seem like a really nice person to know.

Let’s talk about your power! There isĀ  no one on the men’s circuit who is built like you…or plays like you. You’re like a boxer just throwing left hooks, then right hooks, then upper cuts until your opponents are down with a TKO. You are so fun to watch. I almost pity the fool who has to stand on the other side of the net from you. How do they mentally prepare themselves for this? I have no idea! If it was me, I would hide under the bed. And you never ever let up on your intensity. From the first point to the last, it is game on sucka!

I will refrain from talking too much about your Tommy Hilfiger commercial from 2015. Wink, wink. Not going to include the YouTube link here, but you know the one. Yep! That one.

Here’s a little piece I wrote about you during the 2017 Australian Open after you beat Zverev in a five-set match. I hope you enjoy it.

Vamos Rafa!

As we start the 2017 clay court season, you are chasing records! You have 9 wins each for three tournaments: Monte-Carlo, Madrid and the French Open! I think you can make it 10, 10 and 10!! A Rafael “perfect 10!” You have had a renaissance start of 2017, so let’s keep it going! Vamos Rafa!

Tennis love,




Dear Nick,

I’m a fan! Honestly, Nick Kyrgios…huge fan! There are so many things I love about your game.

Your style, creativity and flair! No, not the kind of flair we’re talking about in Office Space, but maybe the type of flair from the WWE star, Ric Flair. Again, it beckons a time of the glory days, but this time of Andre Agassi. You craft shots that are effective and fun to watch. And the great thing about it, is the other guy never sees it coming. Because when we watch you, you look so casual. Like you’re not thinking about anything…you just do. It’s a natural talent that I hope you hone and never let it fade.

Let’s talk about your serve. Yeah, your first serve is pretty awesome, but it’s the second serve that’s got everyone talking. Watching you brings me back to the Sampras days. Pistol Pete treated second serves just like the first with such fire power and guts! You’ve got that. I mean, look at you. You stuck it to Novak twice in a month. He had no answers. Incredible! Nothing better than watching tennis when the guys are leaving it all out on the court.

Your heart! When you are in a match, making incredible shots, pumping your fists, beating your chest, pointing to your box like “Yeah, I got this”…those are the best. That’s why we watch. All in!

Lastly, your mom. I don’t know anything about your mom, but she’s cute as a button sitting there in you box, cheering you on. There is nothing better than a mother’s support. I don’t know if you’ll ever get a coach. You should probably do that eventually, but there is something to be said for the lone wolf. You’re making it work…at least at this moment right now. I don’t know if that is sustainable, but you’ll figure that out.

Anyways….you’ve got Roger next. It’ll be a fun match to watch. Good luck to you!

Tennis love,