Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

It came as a surprise to me when Come With G nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you Glenda. I love your travel blog.

I have read many bloggers’ post about these awards and and I never thought I would qualify being a relatively new blogger with a relatively small following with a niche, which is tennis.   This is one of a few post which I am making that’s not tennis related.

Like Glenda, I think these awards are great for bloggers to connect and acknowledge each other’s work. I hope my readers would appreciate, read and follow the blogs I nominate as I play along.

Here are my answers to Come With G’s Questions:

1. Has any book influenced your decision to blog?

No, I don’t think a book influenced my decision to blog. My human’s brother was the one who came up with the idea, and she just ran with it. Of course, she couldn’t blog unless I was a willing participant, and it is definitely a team effort.

2. Do you play and or watch sports?

Obviously, I watch a lot of tennis. And even though I am not necessarily “athletic” I also enjoy baseball and golf! What is the common denominator between this sports? They all have a singular, small ball that flies around a court, field or course.

3. What’s your favorite destination?

My favorite destination is anywhere except the vet! Please, whatever you do…do NOT take me to the vet!

4. Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera?

I prefer to be in front of the camera, and my human behind the camera. I think she does an excellent job at really capturing my personality…even though I may have to remind her to shoot “my good side.”

5. Who is your favorite artist/artiste?

I have a good friend named Jen who creates wonderful pieces of art. She works in acrylics, oils and watercolor. Her site is You should really check her out!

Life Made Rooted

Continuing to play along, the blogs which I nominate are:

  1. The Nonalcoholic Student
  2. No Purpose Club
  3. Emma Does Life
  4. Cup of Books
  5. Special City Life

These are among my favorite blogs. Their musings on life, books, parenting and everything in between are super thought-provoking and entertaining to read, so I’m happy to follow these blogs. Check them out if these topics interest you.

My questions for them are:

1.Do you use other social media outlets to promote your blog? If so, which ones and have they been successful?

2. What was your biggest influence in starting your blog?

3. Describe your perfect Saturday.

4. Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera, and why?

5. Name your favorite book, song, and movie.

The Rules:

1. Thank the nominator and post a link back to their blog.

2. Answer the questions the nominator has set out for you.

3. Nominate new blogs and set out questions for them to answer.

4. Notify the nominees of their nominations by commenting on their blog or social media.

5. When creating your nomination post, list the rules and include the Sunshine Award logo in it.

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Freak Accidents

Freak accidents are the worst! And it always seems they happen to the best people.

I was sitting on the couch this morning, warm and cuddling up to my human. We were enjoying a great semifinal match of the Rotterdam Open between two of our favorite players, Grigor Dimitrov and David Goffin. And just like that, it happened. All of a sudden, David Goffin is bent over at the net, holding his eye, obviously in pain. It happened so fast, my human had to rewind the show because we missed it the first time. On our second look, David Goffin approached the net for a slice backhand, but instead of the ball floating over the net, it hit his racquet and bounced towards him quickly, popping him square in the eye. Freak accident. And just like that, Goffin had to retire this match due to a freak accident injury.

Goffin forced to retire in Rotterdam following freak eye injury

If you recall, another freak accident happened to David Goffin during the French Open last year. He slid on the clay towards the back of the court, and his slide went under the tarp that is folded up back there. This freak injury jacked up his ankle and he was out for months.

Lets hope this injury is relatively minor and he is back playing in a couple of weeks. But in the meantime…get well David!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Frazier’s Racket

Happy Valentine’s Day from Frazier’s Racket!

A time to celebrate all things “LOVE!”

Image result for valentines day gifs

And why not? This week, we have a classic Valentine’s Day combo. No, I’m not talking about chocolate covered strawberries (although those are pretty darn delicious). I’m talking about two of my favorite things…tennis and New York! It is the New York Open!


It’s in its inaugural year for this tournament out on Long Island (used to be played in Memphis as, you guessed it, the Memphis Open), so this is purrty exciting! Not quite the US Open, but a smaller, Masters 250 tournament. It features several American players, so it’s nice to see the US Men’s tennis be represented so prominently.

Unfortunately, some of the American players have already tarnished this shiny new event with court side altercations and accusations of racism. This happened during the opening round match between Donald Young and Ryan Harrison. Harrison started the altercation during one of the change-overs, and then after the match, Young took to Twitter accusing Harrison of making racist remarks during their match. Unfortunately the TV coverage on the Tennis Channel was like watching NASA footage from another planet, so the television viewers could not tell what was said between the two players. The ATP says they are investigating the issue and will take any allegations of this nature seriously. I certainly hope so.

This situation really bums me out! Why can’t players get along…especially players from the same country? I think this is indicative of deeper issues…a country divided in these cold, testy, political times. We saw it when Tennys Sandgryn, an extreme alt-right American from Tennessee who made a decent run at the Australian Open. Once he was in the spotlight, everything about him was exposed and he ended up deleting most of his Twitter posts because his views were under scrutiny.

Can’t we all just support each other, lift each other up and get along? Is that too much for a cat to ask? There is a possibility that Harrison will meet Young in doubles, so that should be a fireworks match…but not the good kind that light up the sky, but the bad kind that is harmful and disruptive. Stop giving tennis a bad name, guys!

OK, well let’s think happy, loving thoughts this Valentine’s Day!! Yay tennis! Yay New York!

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My Tennis Soft Spot

Everybody knows, all cats have a soft spot. Even strong, silent types like me! I love a good pull-at-the-heartstrings story line. The one where the player has overcome some type of adversary…an injury with a great comeback, a juicy change-in-coaches scandal, a close-but-no-cigar loss. Give a cat something! I’m always rooting for the under cat. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the A team…the shear dominance of Roger Federer or the fierce power hitting of Rafa Nadal is undeniably astonishing. But truth be told, I have long awaited for the B team to step up to the service line and have their day in the sun!

Some may argue that these players are not “under cats” at all because they are all in the top 10, but let’s be honest. They have not done enough to break the top two players. But still, I love them! I meow and purr for them every chance I get. I have hope that one day their brilliance will shine through.

Here is a list of the top five players I have a soft spot for.

Juan Martin Del Potro – I have documented my tennis love for JMDP. He had his amazing US Open win against Federer in 2009, suffered wrist injury after injury, and then came back to win Olympic silver in Rio in 2016. He is currently #9 in the world, which is pretty amazing, considering his on-going wrist injury. His emotions are out there for you to see and feel when he is on court and I love it!

Related image

David Goffin – Or as ESPN commentator, Brad Gilbert, calls him…”Boy Band Goffin.” What do you think? Do you think he could be a member of  the Backstreet Boys or 98 Degrees? Either way, I like him. He turned pro around 2012, and he is currently ranked #7 in the world. He suffers a bit from the “always the bridesmaid” syndrome, with his most recent bridesmaid appearance at the 2017 ATP Finals, losing to Grigor Dimitrov. But still, he’s a underestimated beast on court.

Image result for david goffin

Grigor Dimitrov – Up until last year, the most I knew of Grigor Dimitrov is that he used to date Maria Sharapova and people called him “Baby Fed”. But by the end of 2017, he won the final tournament of the year, the ATP Finals and boosted his ranking to #4 in the world. With a recent change in coaches to Dani Vallverdu (who has coached Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych) he’s gotten stronger and better, and I can’t wait to see if he can maybe win a slam or two. (And he’s purrty cute, don’t you think?) Come on, Grigor!

Image result for grigor dimitrov

Pablo Carreno-Busta – He is relatively new on the tour and already ranked #10 in the world. Hailing from Spain, I would cat-egorize his as a clay-court specialist. Not many people are talking about him, but I think with a little time, he can be a top 5 player! Maybe he could win the French Open as soon as Rafa retires, or hopefully before!

Image result for pablo carreno busta

Dominic Thiem – (or as I like to call him Dominic “Sweep the Leg” Thiem!…You know, Karate Kid? Sweep the leg, Johnny!) Anyway, he is one of my favorite players. I noticed him last year during clay court season. He is a soft-spoken, understated player with a wicked one-handed backhand. The only thing he needs is the belief he can win. Currently ranked #6 in the world, so it’s not unthinkable.

Let’s give these cool cats some love! They are going to need it if they plan on booting out Roger or Rafa!

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New Year’s Resolutions I Wish The Players Would Make – 2018 Edition

Ah yes, here we are again at the opening of another exciting tennis season. New season means new beginnings, and what better time to set some resolutions for the new year. Here are a couple I wish the players would make:

Andrey Rublev – I resolve to wear shirts that fit me rather than the large, oversized tents that Nike supplied me with last year. Yes, I know….I should be grateful that Nike would ever sponsor a young player like me, and I am! But…please Nike, wearing these voluminous shirts while trying to play competitive tennis is like fighting with your bed sheets while dreaming of being chased by bees. It’s a tangled mess!

John Isner – I resolve to improve my defensive game. My offensive game is so on point! I can serve aces until the cows come home, but if I can’t defend all of those games I win off of my serve, then I am stuck playing tiebreaks every set. We do NOT need a Wimbledon repeat.

Simona Halep – I resolve to be greedy! And by greedy, I mean greedy for the #1 ranking!! I am fully aware that Serena is back and ready to prove to herself and the tennis world that she can (and will) quickly rise to the top, but I will do all I can to stay Queen of the Mountain!

Dominic Thiem – I resolve to not let my girlfriend interfere with my progress! 2017 was  a breakthrough year for me. Heck I finished the year in the top 5! No girlfriend will take away my focus to be the best player I can be!! Let’s hear it for Team Thiem!

Jack Sock – I resolve to shave off my ridiculous chinstrap “beard”. I know I made this resolution last year, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Maybe my new girlfriend will encourage me to make the right decision for my face. This is the year, Jack!!

All professional players – We resolve to withdraw from tournaments if we are injured. We will not go on court for our first match, only to “retire” because of an injury. We know we do this so we can get our prize money that is due to us. But we also realize that, when we do this, we take a spot away from another player who is healthy, not to mention, it is better for the fans!

Here is to a cat-tastic 2018!

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Revisiting 2017 Grand Slam Predictions – Women

At the beginning of 2017, I wrote the following predictions about women’s tennis:

OK, here are my predictions for the 2017 Grand Slam winners on the women’s side:

  • Aussie Open – Serena Williams
  • French Open – Serena Williams
  • Wimbledon – Serena Williams
  • US Open – Serena Williams

Well, it may not go just like that, but I have no doubt that Serena will win Grand Slam #23 and pass Steffi Graf’s record at some point this year. And if I had to guess, it will be at Wimbledon…and then maybe the US Open. NO DOUBT!! And wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if she won all four at her age!

In other news, I really think we are going to see a breakout year from Karolina Pliskova. By the end of last year, her playing was on point and she could certainly be a Grand Slam contender. With the help of Darren Cahill in her coaching box, I predict Simona Halep to get to at least two finals this year. And last but not least, let’s hearing it for our American players. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Madison Keys get to a final? Go Madison!  USA! USA!!

Little did I purr, Serena Williams was going to have a big year in a different way! Yes, she did win the Australian Open, playing against her big sis, Venus, no less, in the final. That gave her win #23, surpassing Steffi Graf’s record for number of grand slam wins for women. But she also had a baby and got married in 2017! Talk about a BIG year. Congratulations to Serena!

How well did I do with the other predictions? 25% correct

Here is a list of all the grand slam winners in 2017:

  • Aussie Open – Serena Williams
  • French Open – Jelena Ostapenko
  • Wimbledon – Garbine Muguruza
  • US Open – Sloane Stephens

If Serena wasn’t busy becoming a mother and a wife, she would have certainly won at least one more grand slam, furr sure. But since she was out, this left room for the others, including Venus Williams, to make some big moves.

Simona Halep made it to the French Open final and ended as the year’s #1 player on the WTA rankings! Way to go, Simona! Karolina Pliskova did pretty well, ending the year ranked #4. Venus Williams made it to two grand slam finals this year, the Australian Open and Wimbledon. Not too bad for a 37 year old! And Madison Keys made it to the US Open finals, playing another American, Sloane Stephens! Yes, we had two American women in their home slam! USA! USA!

It truly was a remarkable year for American women’s tennis. And that sounds funny to meow when Serena was out for most of the year.

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Revisiting 2017 Grand Slam Predictions – Men

I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable tennis cat, but no cat could have predicted the 2017 tennis season we had this year. It was a wild ride, for sure, that served up some vintage tennis and some unlikely winners.

Here are the predictions I made at the beginning of the 2017 Grand Slam season on the men’s side:

  • Aussie Open – Stan Wawrinka
  • French Open – Rafa Nadal
  • Wimbledon – Roger Federer
  • US Open – Juan Martin Del Potro

At the beginning of 2017, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray were dominating the men’s tennis scene, Roger Federer was phasing out, Rafa Nadal was injured (as he always been). So these predictions were a bit nostalgic, like wouldn’t it be nice if Roger could win one more Wimdledon, Nadal could dominate clay and win a French Open, and Juan Martin Del Potro could relive his 2009 glory days and win a US Open. But, as we saw early in the year, this will be a year like no other!

Novak did not perform well this year due to personal issues and possible injury, as did Andy. Roger and Nadal dominated the entire season, winning two grand slams a piece. Here are the final 2017 grand slam results:

  • Aussie Open – Roger Federer
  • French Open – Rafa Nadal
  • Wimbledon – Roger Federer
  • US Open – Rafa Nadal

As you can see, I was 50% correct. Not bad. Stay tuned for my 2018 predictions before the beginning of the year!

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